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"As much a museum, as it is a store"
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Introducing our NEW web site AND our new RETAIL STORE now open in The Strand Historic District of beautiful Galveston, Texas.
As we develop both our web site and our retail business, we hope you'll occasionally refer to this site for updates, current information, sales and information on our "neighborhood" - The Strand and Galveston.
We're located in a historic building - site of the first opera house in Texas AND in the building where the US Weather Bureau battled out (and survived) the Great Storm of 1900. Our web site will show some of that history, and other historical buildings in our area.
You're also invited to watch us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/TexacoCollectibles-and-More/223178004374656 and - if you press the "Like" button, we'll include you in our regular Facebook updates.
Inside will be photos of our new store, featured products and links to other sites we believe you'll find interesting.
Of course, we do invite your comments and suggestions.
So, again, welcome to TexacoCollectibles.com and TexacoCollectibles and More!
Now, you can easily locate us in Facebook by entering "Texacostuff" in the search box. Don't forget to "like" us to be sure you get regular updates!
Our historic location: the Levy Building (a.k.a., National Hotels Artist Loft)


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